Purchasing Options

We have direct relationships and access to all the utility suppliers, allowing us to get the best deal for your business.

We will handle your utilities, so you can manage your business.

Purchasing options for your business on gas, electricity and water.

Benefits of choosing Rebell Energy

We have direct relationships with all the utility suppliers and access to special prices often 15-35% cheaper than you going direct to a supplier, the majority of the time we contract you back to your original supplier, but at a better rate.

We can because, we


Buy at the right time, not just when your contract is up for renewal; as you will only receive the market rate as of that day.


Go to the market over a period of time, creating a wider window, giving you more options on green energy which eliminates your climate change levy (CCL).


1. You give us authority to review your current contract, its terms and conditions, rates etc.


2. We review your contract, checking your terms and conditions are correct and your rates are competitive:

Detail we look for;
a) Are you classed as a micro or non-micro business? This effects your termination notice.
b) Do you have a variable rate clause in your contract? If so could you end up paying 40{aac229927db87ba4a33bf6c74a55c933d68fe5ef8c2ea724f2cdbf9a1c6a2d8c} more.
c) Are you on the right rate for VAT and climate change levy (CCL)? For some businesses, both charges can be reduced.
d) Are you on deemed rates? Usually highly inflated rates, contract easy to get out of.


3. After reviewing your information, we make recommendations to protect your business from clauses that only benefit the supplier, not your business. Plus advise you on how competitive your current contract is to the rest of the market.


4. If you then want to instruct Rebell Energy to get the best product and price for your business, its a no cost, a no obligation service, its always your choice.