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We try to provide as much information as we can. If you don’t find your answer below, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

How do I get in touch with Rebell Energy for a personalised quote?

Please use our get in touch page to contact Rebell Energy.

Why should I consider switching my businesses Gas & Electricity Supplier?

Saving money on your businesses Gas & Electricity bills could really make a difference to your profit margins. The competition and markets authority have confirmed that due to lack of competition in the market 2009-2013, it’s resulted in the big six energy suppliers charging businesses 14% above competitive level for their energy.

How can I switch supplier?

Simple, find a recent bill and call us.

What are my obligations if I call you?

None, our specialist pricing team will help you with the products and services available from the suppliers and give you quotes by telephone and or email, your free to walk away and find your own deal after that.

What happens if I decide to switch with you?

We do the whole process for you, its seamless, painless, sometimes no paperwork is involved as the suppliers accept verbal contracts.

Does it take long to switch or renew?

Depends on your energy supplier, majority of suppliers request a 30 day notice, our specialist pricing team will work it all out for you, we can even give your notice in for you.

Do I have to switch supplier to get a better rate?

No, its sometimes better to stay with your current supplier but negotiate a better rate, we can do that for you, we talk to suppliers all day, every day so we can get a really competitive rate.

What happens if I decide to renew back to my current supplier?

Even easier, we will sort it out for you, less information involved as they already have your details.

What happens if I go out of contract?

You will still get your supply of Gas/Electricity but your supplier will put you onto a rollover contract which will be more expensive. If you decided to come with us we would manage all this for you to ensure you never get rolled over.

Which energy suppliers do Rebell Energy work with?

We are truly independent and we place contracts with the widest range of suppliers including some of the smaller entrants.

Do we pay Rebell Energy or do we pay the supplier?

Your contract will always be with the supplier.

What other T&C's are there?

Your contract will be with your supplier and their standard T&C's will apply.

How is Rebell Energy paid?

Rebell Energy is paid a commission from the energy supplier. This varies by energy supplier and is often a fixed fee per partner.

Are Rebell Energy regulated by any official body?

No, but we are regularly audited by the energy suppliers to ensure we are adhering to their codes of practice. In addition, we have an in-house compliance team.

How are business rates calculated?

Energy rates are calculated on different factors;

Energy usage
Type of business
Post code
Credit rating

What is the standing charge on my invoice?

The standing charge is a fixed daily charge to cover transportation capacity costs, meter asset charges and meter read charges. These are essential third-party costs associated with delivering your supply.

Is business energy use taxed?

Yes, under the Climate Change Levy (CCL) this is a tax on the use of energy.

Do charities get lower rates?

No, charities and not for profit organisations get the same price energy rates as everyone else, however, they are exempt from CCL and get a reduced VAT charge from 20% to 5%.

How else can my business reduce its bills?

Monitoring whether lights are left on using energy saving lists.

Using energy saving light bulbs
All staff not to overfill the kettle
Block any draughts and open doorways.

I’ve just moved into a new business property – what rate am I on?

It’s likely you’re on deemed rates, which usually apply when a business is new to the premises or terminates a 28 day contract but fails to find a new supplier. These rates can be quite expensive but also require 28-days’ notice to switch to another supplier.

What happens at the end of the contract?

Rebell Energy will contact you several months prior to your contract end date and re-tender the market to identify the most competitive current market rate.